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Blacklisted Poker Rooms

Blacklisted Poker Rooms in NZ

There are some poker sites that should be avoided, and the blacklist below details 2021's worst offenders in online poker. As responsible players, and fellow Kiwis, we want to make certain that New Zealanders are made aware of these blacklisted poker sites.

There's no way that we want to see your hard-earned money go down the drain because of some rogue poker room. Therefore, this poker blacklist of bad places to play is designed to warn players to stay away.

So, what gets a site “blacklisted”?

Sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt were blacklisted in the USA because they chose to operate after UIEGA (The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2021) was enforced. However, in the rest of the world, they are considered legitimate companies that fell foul of US laws.

The blacklisted poker rooms on this site have serious allegations of negligence and malpractice. These guys just don't care about their customers, their employees or any regulation.

Here are a few reasons why the sites on our list fall short and are considered untrustworthy places to play:
  • Not paying players and/or not segregating player funds.
  • Not holding a valid gaming licence or certificate.
  • Problems with the software that allow for colluding and cheating by both players and employees.
  • Not properly securing player deposits.
  • Operating in areas where online poker is banned by law.
  • Inadequate security measures, leading to a failure in protecting player's personal data, including banking details, etc.

With that in mind, we have compiled this poker online blacklist to show you the rooms that you should steer clear of at all costs. These online poker sites have been blacklisted for a variety of reasons.

Read on to find out how and why they made our Top 10 list of blacklisted real money gaming sites.

Trustworthy Poker Rooms

Avoiding the blacklisted sites we have highlighted will go a long way towards ensuring that you can play online poker securely. If you are unsure as to whether a particular poker site is trustworthy or not, there are a few factors to look out for which can provide a reliable indicator:

Blacklisted poker sites Recommended online poker rooms
No licensing body listed at the bottom of the site, or a licensing body from an unfamiliar location. A licensing body based in Malta, the UK, Isle of Man or Gibraltar presupposes high quality and security.
No independent reviews. Independent reviewing body involved with the poker room, such as eCOGRA.
Unclear software source. Secure encrypted software being used on the site.

Blacklisted Sites to Avoid

In no particular order, here is our list of the worst poker sites on the web:

Ultimate Bet
This online poker room has a long history involving cheating scandals. In fact, many big name pros, like Brad Booth, were victims of their scams. Add to that, the fact that the owners of the company were indicted in US courts on charges including money laundering and bank fraud.

Lock Poker
Lock has experienced extremely long delays in processing customer withdrawal requests. Some players have been waiting months, even years.

Absolute Poker
This site has also been swamped with allegations of cheating. Partnered with Ultimate Bet at one time, they were also charged with money laundering and bank fraud by the US government, shortly after Black Friday.

Choice Poker
Choice's claim to scandal fame came in the form of non-payment of player withdrawal requests. Another one to be avoided like the plague.

Cardspike Poker
This site started out promisingly, but with players waiting years for payouts and terrible customer service, they've made the blacklist.

This site had an “insider” scandal. Owners were supposedly playing on their own site. Not only is this unethical, but they were able to see their opponents' hole cards!

Luck3 Poker
This site has it all back to front. They are accepting player deposits but not paying anyone. And that includes players, affiliates and staff. Definitely, one to avoid.

Joker Club
This site tops the joker's list. They have been accused of having software that facilitates cheating.

Naked Poker
Naked has numerous complaints about not paying customers. Seems like the naked truth about this online poker room is well and truly out.

TopSpeed has obviously had to drop down a few gears, slowing to a crawl. They don't respond to their emails or answer telephone calls. They are also not paying out withdrawal requests.

Avoiding Blacklisted Sites

It is very important to steer clear of the blacklisted sites mentioned above so as to avoid encountering any unpleasant issues later down the road. While some sites will make it very easy to deposit for real money games, players have been known to have a lot more trouble withdrawing from the same site. Sites which facilitate cheating, collusion and ‘insider’ play are also to be avoided at all costs. By avoiding the sites listed above you will save yourself from falling foul of any of these dubious practices. We only recommend secure and trusted sites which treat players fairly and correctly, so when you play at one of our suggested sites you are sure to have a positive poker-playing experience in 2021.

Want to play at a reputable site? Check out our recommended NZ poker rooms!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are many NZ sites risky?

    Whether online poker sites are risky or not has little to do with where they are based. In order to ensure that you are playing at a reliable and secure site, look for independent review markers on the casino's page, such as those of eCOGRA.
  • How does a site get blacklisted exactly?

    Sites get blacklisted for a variety of reasons, but usually it is because their payout rates are far too long, payouts do not happen at all, customer service is nonexistent, or, in extreme cases, there are proven personal data leaks.
  • Why should these sites be avoided?

    Blacklisted poker sites can be dangerous – your personal data may not be safe, your deposits may disappear, never to be seen again, the games may be faulty, or the customer service may be unhelpful, incompetent or completely unresponsive.
  • What if I've already signed up?

    You can try to close the account. If that is not option, then ensuring that you delete all your personal information that you can remove, and not depositing any real cash with the blacklisted poker site should protect you sufficiently.
  • Where can I find trusted sites?

    You should look at independent recommendations when looking for trusted sites. Our review pages can help you pick a reliable online poker room where you can be secure in the knowledge that your cash is going where you want it to go.