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Easiest Poker Rooms

NZ's Top Loose Poker Sites 2021

New Zealanders love a soft poker game full of fish. There's nothing better than sitting down at a table at the easiest poker sites knowing that you're probably the best player. With this in mind, finding a site where you can clobber the competition is a good way to go when searching for a poker room.

The team work hard to keep this online poker guide up to date with the latest sites and informative ratings, and they also all play regularly themselves. They know the difference gaming at the fishiest poker sites makes. In New Zealand, poker is loose in terms of the competition at most sites. Newbie players mean a good real money win is ripe for the taking at the softest poker sites.

So, what makes the rooms on our list the easiest poker rooms?

  • Lots of freeroll players that will play cash with their winnings.
  • Big promotions for new players.
  • A high number of recreational/ weekend players.
  • Loads of inexperienced players.

New Zealand's 2021 top poker sites for you

Why Play at the Easiest NZ Poker Rooms

There's only one reason, and one reason only, why we have put together this list of loose poker sites. We like to win as much as possible. And as such, the looser the online room is, the easier it is to beat. Therefore, playing for real cash in these fishy card rooms has become the Holy Grail for online players in New Zealand.

And, now we get to share these secrets with you. By using our exclusive ratings as a guide, you'll be able to find the fishiest poker room to fit your playing style in 2021. Whether you're just getting the hang of things or have been around the block more than a few times, you'll be able to find a table you can beat.

Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson once said: “I've never found a table I couldn't beat.”

It's not that Doyle considers himself to be the best player to ever walk the Earth. (Although, some might argue otherwise.) He meant that he would look for a table to beat and then sit down and proceed to take all of their money. It was as simple as that.

Poker is loose in terms of the competition at most sites, meaning a good real money win is ripe for the taking and filled with newbie players.

Luckily, we've done a lot of the legwork for you. We've found those soft, beatable tables. Now all you have to do is pull up a chair.

Online Poker Terminology: What Are Fish?

Regardless of whether you are an old hand at poker, or you are just starting out and are still getting the hang of it, it is always nice to play a couple of hands knowing that you are likely to win. The easiest way to do that is to play at poker sites you know are frequented by a lot of fish.

Fish are weaker players that are still new to the game, and whose tells are obvious: they bet recklessly, they bet a lot every time they have strong cards, and they react in the same way every time their hand is not as strong as they expected. Fish are fair game for more experienced players, and our reviewers have compiled a list of the easiest poker sites where you are likely to find the highest concentrations of fish.

How Do You Find The Fish That Will Lead You To Real Money?

As may be expected, fish gather at the largest, most popular sites, as they are the first links they find. They also pick the more obvious games, and particularly the games played at unusually high stakes, hoping to win big quickly and go home. Fish look for easy gains in obvious places and do not have the patience to play the slow game and build up their winnings. If you just have a bit of patience and bet carefully, then our recommendations of some of the easiest poker rooms can lead you to some serious wins.

Playing loose sites successfully

Easy poker sites are all over the internet but easy poker sites that are safe and reliable require a bit more digging. We have compiled a list of the fishiest poker sites on the net where a New Zealander can safely engage in some exciting online poker and make some real cash. It helps to keep in mind that in order to win, you must follow a strategy that ensures that you are not a fish! Bet responsibly and reasonably – often a small bet will have the same effect on other players as a larger bet, because if they are planning to fold they will fold anyway, while if they are determined to keep betting, no bet you set will deter them.

Keeping your game under control and varying your responses to the hand you are dealt will easily keep you on top of weaker players. A tight game will keep them on their toes and make winning a piece of cake for you!

Be a Shark and Play with the Fish

Now that we've brought you into our circle, you'll be able to start enjoying the spoils of swimming with the sharks. Real money games at our recommended sites are chock full of weaker players in 2021.

We've given you access to these easy online poker rooms where New Zealand Dollars flow freely at the real money tables. Once you sign up at one of the loose poker rooms on this site, you'll find yourself in pole position. It's money in the bag, if you're able to take advantage of this great opportunity in poker online.

Are you up for the challenge? Let's go fishing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the easiest poker sites to make money?

    The easier poker sites to make some NZ dollars are the large, popular poker sites where all new players head. The tables with the higher stakes are also very attractive to fish, so that is where you can find less experienced players looking to make a quick buck.
  • What is a fish?

    A fish is an unexperienced player who is easy to read and who reacts to the hands he is dealt in a predictable manner. This makes him an easy target for experienced players with more patience and skill at hiding their reactions.
  • How do I spot the fish at the table?

    Fish will bet quicker, bigger and in a much riskier manner than experienced players. Their reactions will also be predictable to other, more experienced players.
  • What strategy should I use at easy poker sites?

    Fish tend to play fast and loose, so keep your wits about you and consider your bets well before placing them. Betting less may gain you more in poker, especially when playing against fish, so only bet the minimum to get to where you want your opponents to be.
  • Why are some poker sites fishier than others?

    The softest poker sites tend to be those that are most popular, and with the most high stakes tables. Fish tend to go for the first poker room they see and bet at high stakes tables, expecting to win big in one go. Poker rooms that fulfil these conditions naturally attract a higher number of fish.