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Top Poker Software in NZ

Check Out the Top Poker Software in New Zealand

Thanks for checking out our guide to the top-rated poker rooms with the best site software. We've done our level best to bring you a list of the most highly-regarded sites with top-notch software. It's not good enough to have a great client to get our recommendation, the poker rooms on our list must also be innovative. They have to be willing to listen to what Kiwi players need and want, as well as make the necessary adjustments.

It's our job to make sure that every poker site we give the thumbs up to has quality software. No computer program is without its glitches. However, for a site to meet our high standards, it must be willing to address problems quickly and implement fixes just as quickly.

The one way you are going to be able to judge a site's technological prowess is by playing on it. We've done that for you ahead of time. We realise that not all New Zealanders have hundreds of spare hours to spend checking out all the software feature of their poker room.

Therefore, we've spent a decent chunk of our time testing the software including, but not limited to the following:

  • Poker client connectivity reliability
  • Client security features
  • Speed and smoothness of the client
  • Player customisation ability, like avatars, felt colour, etc.
  • Filters, such as table buy-in, seat selection, etc.

As fellow poker players from New Zealand, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting technological advances in software. With that in mind, keeping on top of the latest upgrades and updates to your favourite poker room software is a priority.

New Zealand's 2018 top poker sites for you

Good Poker Software Benefits for NZ Players

When you play on a software platform that runs smoothly and at lightning speed, you get a much better online playing experience. It's like night and day when compared to a platform that is slower and more sluggish.

In addition to the efficiency and inner workings of a poker site, there are the software features to take into consideration. A site can work like a well-oiled machine, but if it doesn't allow a player to make cosmetic changes, it falls short. Things like picking an avatar that really suits your personality is a big thing for a lot of players. And, so is the ability to change the way the software interface looks. Some players like the look of a real old-fashioned card room, while others might prefer a more modern or even futuristic look.

Therefore, it's important that the sites that wish to be considered for this list take note. The best poker sites software isn't always the fastest or the most innovative. Sometimes, it can be the small touches, like the ability to customise the colour of the felt or change the deck of cards that can make a real difference to New Zealanders.

Here's a quick run-down of what Kiwi players can expect from our hand-picked top-of-the-line software rpoker ooms:

  • Great cosmetic appeal
  • Nice selection of poker avatars
  • Ability to upload personal avatars
  • Ability to change felt and card deck colours
  • Ability to customise poker lobby for both cash games and tournaments

Finding the Top NZ Poker Software Sites

When you join a poker site, you expect the software to run like a fancy sports car, rather than a push bike. (Not that there's anything wrong with a bike.) However, we believe that software quality and speed are very important to Kiwi players.

That's why we have thoroughly checked all the reviewed sites to ensure that you have a fun gaming experience that offers fast, secure play on any device.

Ready for some first class entertainment? Let's get started!