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Gambling with Paysafecard

Top Paysafecard Online Poker Rooms in NZ

When choosing to play at one of the real money sites recommended by us, you can be confident that your personal account details are safe and secure. Paysafecard was formerly Ukash, a very respectable and trustworthy e-money company. Ukash used a voucher system to process its online transactions and customers got a secure code that they could use at various merchants.

Paysafecard, on the other hand, issues clients with a card with a 16-digit number and secret code that can be used to make online purchases. Although the two systems vary slightly, one is voucher-based, and the other card-based, Paysafecard is just as easy to use and equally secure. You can be confident that your funds and personal data are safe when you purchase a Paysafecard.

New Zealand's 2021 top poker sites for you

Your Choices Online

Paysafecard (formerly Ukash) allows players from New Zealand to deposit money into their accounts without the need for a credit card or bank account. It's about the easiest way for Kiwi players to turn notes or bills into e-money.

The best thing about using a service like Paysafecard is that you can only play with the exact amount of cash you deposit. If you purchase a voucher for NZD $100, your card is loaded with NZD $100. There's no fee taken out so you can use the entire balance to pay for whatever you want at thousands of online shops, including real money gaming rooms.

Why You Can Trust Paysafecard Poker Rooms

Paysafecard poker sites are quickly becoming a favourite among Kiwi players and gaming sites. The NZ online poker sites accepting Paysafecard have been rigorously tested by our team to make sure that they are secure, honest and reliable. We believe that the online rooms shortlisted here have surpassed our expectations, and New Zealand players can feel secure using Paysafecard to deposit.

Paysafecard issues clients with a card with a 16-digit number and secret code that can be used to make online purchases.

Another big plus when using the Paysafecard is that neither your personal data, bank nor credit card information is exposed. It's all kept secure, ensuring the protection of your privacy.

Here are a few of the criteria we used to rate these sites:

  • Safe and Secure – We chose sites who used the highest level of security to process player deposits and withdrawals, as well as sensitive data storage.
  • Easy to Use – We also wanted to make sure that the online rooms we picked provided clear instructions for using the Paysafecard to make deposits on real money games.
  • More Games – And, last but not least, we need to look at the site's traffic. Kiwi players should be able to play where and when they want to. Therefore, the amount of games running at peak NZ times was also a big factor.

How to Make a PaysafeCard Deposit of Real Money in NZ dollars

Poker sites that accept Paysafecard deposits are still not as many as those that accept Visa or Paypal. However, they are growing by the day, as Paysafecard poker deposits are a reliable way of depositing real money into a poker account that also ensures that you cannot spend more cash than you have. That is because by their nature, Paysafecards are pre-paid vouchers. This also makes them very easy to use, as per the following deposit steps:

  1. From the main page, go to the Cashier page.
  2. Click on the Deposit button.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Paysafecard.
  4. Enter your Paysafecard voucher code.

You are instantly ready to start playing poker!

Advantages of Using Paysafecard (formerly Ukash)

It very simple to load your account using a Paysafecard. There's no need to verify an account or part with your email address. In 3 easy steps you can have your card loaded and the money in your poker account, ready to play for monster pots:

  1. Simply locate a Paysafecard sales outlet using the search feature on their site.
  2. Purchase a card and you can load it with NZD $10, $20, $50, $100 or $200.
  3. Use the card to deposit money into your New Zealand poker account using the 16-digit number on the back of the card along with a secret code (also on the back of the card).

Now that you are ready to play, just look at a few reasons why using the Paysafecard works better than using a debit card, credit card or bank account for playing poker online in NZ:

  • It's safer. All you need is cash to load up your card. There's no exchange of personal or financial data with the merchant.
  • Once your cash goes virtual, all you need is that card and the pin to access the funds.
  • You don't have to use a bank account or credit to load your card. It's all cash.

Now that you've been Paysafecard approved, it's time to play!

Playing at Paysafecard Poker Rooms in 2021

Paysafecard poker sites are slowly increasing due to the security, anonymity and ease of this payment method. With Paysafecard, poker deposits are quick and hold no risk that you may run into overdraft as you are always playing with money you have already spent. The best online poker sites out there, with the widest game selections, usually accept Paysafecard payments, so go out there, create your online poker account today, and start playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Paysafecard?

    Paysafecard is a voucher system which can be purchased in physical stores in New Zealand. By entering the voucher code at poker sites that accept Paysafecard you can fund your poker account with real money. Paysafecard vouchers range in value from NZD $10 to $200.
  • How Does it Work?

    Click on the Paysafecard icon in the deposit section of your poker account. Enter the 16 digit number on the back of your Paysafecard where requested, and your online poker account will immediately be funded.
  • Can I Use Paysafecard to Fund a Poker Account?

    Paysafecard allow the funding of online casinos and poker sites with their cards. Simply enter the voucher number as outlined above and your account will be instantly funded.
  • How Fast are Deposits & Withdrawals with Paysafecard?

    Deposits using Paysafecard are instant, so there is no waiting period once you enter the voucher number. It is not possible to withdraw via Paysafecard so you will need to use an alternative withdrawal method such as a bank wire transfer.
  • Why Choose Paysafecard?

    Paysafecard offers a quick and easy way to fund your online poker account. There are no hidden fees or charges and deposits are instant. Also, you do not need to reveal any of your personal information since you are simply using a voucher to fund your account. One drawback is that you must use an alternative method to withdraw funds.
  • What are the Fees?

    Our recommended Paysafecard poker sites do not charge any fees for using the provider to fund your account. The only fee which could be incurred would be if you left funds on a Paysafecard for more than 1 year.
  • Is Paysafecard Safe?

    Paysafecard is a perfectly safe and secure payment method. This payment method is anonymous as you can purchase a Paysafecard with cash, so you do not need to disclose any personal financial information when you deposit using this option.