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FAQ about Poker Online

Your Questions Answered Here

Get the proper answers to all your FAQ poker questions, right here. Playing online poker is a lot of fun, but there are some serious aspects to this mind sport. As New Zealanders, we want to make sure that you are familiar with all the rules that affect Kiwi players.

If you need answers to any question not on this list, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to give you an honest and timely response.


Is online poker legal in New Zealand?

There is no law that prevents you from playing online poker in New Zealand

Should I be aware of any legislation?

You can check out New Zealand's Gambling Act 2003 for more in-depth information about gambling legislation.

Do I need to pay taxes on my poker winnings?

Currently, there is no tax on gambling winnings, but you should always check with your accountant for changes in the tax laws.

Poker Play:

Can I play many different poker games online?

Yes, you can. Most sites offer Hold'em, Omaha and Stud, but there are other variations that you can try.

What game offers the best online gaming experience?

It's up to you. Texas Hold'em is the most popular but many players prefer Omaha, Stud or even Razz.

Which games offer the better winning opportunities?

The majority of players at the cash tables are playing Texas Hold'em. Therefore, you have a better chance of being sat at a table full of fish.

Can I play online with friends?

Some sites have “home games” or private games”. You can set up a private cash game or tournament and invite your friends to play with you.

What are live dealer games, and are there benefits?

Live dealer games are just that. You get to play with a live dealer and as a result, you also get the experience of a real cardroom.

Does bluffing work online?

It can and does. It's all down to timing and knowing your opponent.

Can I play online for free?

Most sites have a play money or practice-play section that requires no money to play. There are also freeroll tournaments that don't require a buy-in to play.

Can I play on a Mac?

Most online poker rooms have Mac-compatible software.

What is a Freeroll?

Freerolls are online tournaments that cost you nothing to play. They're absolutely free.

What are poker fish?

Players who are a little green behind the ears, not very knowledgeable about the game are called, “fish”.


Am I eligible for a poker bonus?

You could be. Check the terms and conditions for any recent site registration and you could be in the free money.

How do I know what bonus to choose?

Depending on how often you play and how much you want to deposit, there is a wide range of bonuses available. Check out our Bonus section for more info.

How do I claim the bonus?

Again, depending on the type of bonus, you may not have to do anything. However, most deposit bonuses require a deposit and set a time frame to clear the bonus.

Do they offer value, or are they just to get sign-ups?

They do offer great value if you want to build a bankroll while having a cushion for those rainy days in poker.

Deposits & Withdrawals:

Do the recommended sites operate in NZD?

Some offer play in NZD, and some don't. Therefore, we advise that you weigh the benefits of each before making your decision.

Do I need a credit card to play?

You can play with your credit card, but you can also use debit cards, your bank account as well as many popular e-wallets

Debit card vs. credit card?

It's a matter of preference as all the sites listed here accept a combination of both.

What is the safest method of payment?

All payment methods are safe. The poker rooms go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your personal and financial details.

Are deposits and withdrawals instant?

They can be, depending on the method used. However, withdrawals usually take a bit longer than deposits.


Can I play on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes, you can. Most of the sites listed here have an app for Android, Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone devices.

Does it matter what mobile I have?

Not really. Depending on the site you choose to play on they should be able to accommodate your mobile device

Are mobile transactions safe?

Poker rooms use technology similar to banks and other financial institutions for processing mobile transactions.

Mobile vs. desktop play - which is better?

Both mediums have their pros and cons. Mobile is great if you're on the go, but Desktop can be perfect if you want more screen real estate.


Can I trust the recommended poker sites?

Yes, you can. These sites listed here are reputable and trustworthy.

Is my money safe?

All the poker rooms recommended on this site go to extreme measures to ensure that your funds a safe.

How can I ensure the games are managed fairly?

The poker sites we recommend all use systems that are fair and subject to monitoring by independent gambling regulation agencies.


How do I find poker tournaments?

All poker tournaments are usually located in one section in the poker client. All you have to do is choose your game type, buy-in and you're ready to play.

Can anyone join?

To play in real money tournaments, you have to have cash in your account. Aside from that, there are no restrictions, unless the event is private or special.

Are there any popular New Zealand tournaments?

There are lots of live tournaments in NZ. One of the most popular is the annual Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT).