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Gambling with a MasterCard in NZ

Top NZ Online Poker with MasterCard 2021

With the widespread usage of MasterCard, poker players in Nez Zealand the top online rooms accept it. This ratings guide rates the very best for 2021. Having the ability to play real money online poker with MasterCard and a wide array of deposit methods gets Kiwi players to the real money tournaments quickly and safely.

The MasterCard poker sites that have made it onto our list have had to pass through rigorous testing. We want to ensure that you are getting the very best NZ venues for poker that MasterCard credit and debit cards are accepted at.

Here are a few criteria we used to rate these sites:

  • Your Online Security – Top priority for our NZ players. We want to make sure your data is safe.
  • Availability – The sites on this list accept MasterCard from all the popular NZ card providers.
  • Accessible to NZ Players – Players are able to deposit quickly and easily, using their MasterCard.
  • Play Real Money Games – We want to see a wide variety of games and tables in our local New Zealand time-zone.

New Zealand's 2021 top poker sites for you

Some background on Mastercard

MasterCard is one of the most popular ways to pay for merchandise online. It's also a great way for players to deposit money to a New Zealand online poker room. However, not every player in New Zealand can make MasterCard poker sites payments because the provider isn’t accepted everywhere. Therefore, the reviews team has compiled a comprehensive list of sites that not only approve MasterCard transactions; they welcome them.

MasterCard is one of the most popular ways to pay for merchandise online. It's also a great way for players to deposit money to a New Zealand online poker room.

As with all online real money transactions, you should be wary about where you use your MasterCard debit or credit card. You also need to be aware of who you give access to this sensitive personal information. With that in mind, our team has deemed all the poker rooms listed on this site as MasterCard approved for their security and integrity. We want to be certain that your personal data and card details are safe, each and every time you use them at one of our recommended sites.

Enjoying Poker At Sites that Accept MasterCard

Poker sites that accept MasterCard are some of the most popular and highest quality sites available to New Zealand players. They have a number of different criteria that showcase their quality, which you can keep an eye out for. The first is the range of available features on the site, from banking methods to game range to customer care communication methods. Another important criteria is the certification of the online poker room. Top poker rooms in 2021 are usually certified in the UK, Malta, Isle of Man or Gibraltar.

How to Make a MasterCard Real Money Deposit

Depositing NZ dollars into an online poker account may seem complicated at first, but the process is straightforward and safe when depositing into a top online poker room. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the Cashier tab of your online poker room site.
  2. Click the Deposit button.
  3. Then enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Finally, choose your MasterCard details.
  5. You are now ready to start playing, as the deposit will be almost instant.

Advantages of Using MasterCard

Luckily for Kiwi players, all the sites listed in our guide readily accept MasterCard. It's one of the easiest ways to load money into your account. In fact, we've found that the process is so quick and easy, it's one of our top recommended deposit methods for online poker in NZ.

On top of that, there are the many advantages you get playing online poker with MasterCard:

  • It's super fast! It can take minutes, from start to finish, to deposit money into your account. With MasterCard, online poker tables are seconds away.
  • It's safe and protected. We've found that the deposit process using MasterCard is one of the most secure ways you can put money into your poker online account.
  • Whether you chose debit or credit card, you'll have control of how much you deposit, and how often.

New Zealand's Best MasterCard Options

The reviews team has made it their job to make certain that the sites listed offer the best online poker MasterCard deposit options available to New Zealand players. If you have any doubts about playing at any of our recommended sites, we can assure you that they have been checked out, thoroughly.

We want you to have the best possible playing experience. Therefore, we have done our level best to ensure that if you choose to play here, you won't be disappointed with the real cash tournaments.

Now that you're MasterCard approved, it's time to get playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use MasterCard to Deposit to Poker Sites?

    Yes, Mastercard is a deposit method offered on all of our recommended online poker sites. With your Mastercard you can instantly top-up your real cash online poker account from New Zealand.
  • How Fast are Deposits & Withdrawals?

    Deposits using Mastercard from New Zealand to fund your poker account are instant. Unfortunately, Mastercard NZ do not allow withdrawals to be made from poker sites to their cards, so you must withdraw using an alternative method such as bank wire transfer.
  • What are the Fees?

    None of our recommended poker sites will charge for deposits using Mastercard. You will need to check with your bank to confirm whether they will impose transaction fees on your deposits or withdrawals.
  • How does it compare with other credit cards?

    Mastercard and Visa are both excellent funding options, offering secure transactions and instant deposits. Both are available to use from New Zealand at all of our recommended poker sites, whereas a card such as American Express cannot be used to fund poker accounts. Note that while Visa allows withdrawals, you will not be able to withdraw funds back to your Mastercard.
  • Is Mastercard Recommended?

    Mastercard is one of the most popular payment methods used in New Zealand, and as such it is an excellent way to fund your poker account in 2021. With instant deposits and secure transactions, Mastercard offers a simple and safe way to top up your account.
  • Is Mastercard Safe?

    All of our approved poker sites use the latest encrypted software to ensure that all financial transactions are safe and confidential. You can use your Mastercard to deposit to any of these sites with confidence, as the transactions will be fully secured.